European Masters 2013 - Location


Place and Date

The Championship will be organized by the Nautical Athletic Club of Lavrion under the supervision of the RG65 Hellenic Class Association. The racing place will be the Marina next to the building of the club. In the "Media" section of this website, you can find some photos of the Nautical’s Club facilities and the events that we have organized last year. Furthermore you can watch some very detailed videos of the events organized also by the club, made by "Cataman Video Production"


Travel & Accomodation

Finding a direct flight from your country to Athens is very easy. Nearly all airlines fly to Athens International airport including international airlines from all over the world and low cost airlines within Europe.Some of the low cost airlines that offer scheduled flights to Athens airport are EasyJet, German Wings and Vueling. You may also check SkyScanner for all available options on flights to Athens.

Once you arrive in Athens International Airport “El Venizelos”, Nautical Club of Lavrio is located around 36km away and can be reached basically by two ways. These are:

1. By coach bus (called KTEL) which can be found just outside the airport main hall. The KTEL bus departs from the airport every 1 hour starting from 06.30 until 20.30. The last bus is at 22.00. The only problem is that the KTEL bus will take you only up to “Markopoulos” stop where you will have to wait for the “regular” KTEL line that is coming from Athens centre (sign should say LAVRION or SOUNION). That means that you may have to wait for up to 30 minutes for the other bus to come. The ticket from the airport to Lavrion costs Euro 4 and covers both buses. For more information on bus routes and timetables you may visit

2. By taxi. No doubt the best way to reach Lavrion port. Just outside the airport’s main hall, you will find plenty of taxis waiting. Depending always on the traffic, it should take you approx. 35-40 minutes to get to Lavrion and it should cost around Euro 40-50 (luggage included).


Nevertheless we will try to use the mini-van of our Hotel for local Airport pickup. Flights during this season of year, to Athens, from several European countries are very reasonable. With a little web search it is easy to find real bargains.

HDM sailing gives a great and unique opportunity to every participant who wants to, on-board accommodation for FREE!!!! The sponsors yacht chartering company, offers to the Nautical Club the opportunity to have some sail yachts into the marina for some interested participants who want to stay in the yachts. The sailing yachts of the company are 30 to 56feet in length and are fully equipped. Feel like a true sailor and accommodate in a yacht next to the Nautical Club for FREE!!! We would like to thank HDM sailing for the unique and very kind sponsoring gesture to our Championship organization. You can find more info in the company’s web site:

Warning: It will be kept a strict priority order, so please book your accommodation as soon as possible by sending an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the organizers. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To validate your booking for free accommodation you have firstly to make the participation fee deposit




89, Kalirois Ave., 117 45 Athens Greece, Tel. 210-9229511 Fax 210-9236 012

Internet address:

Our company, in cooperation with Lavreotiki Athletic Yacht Club, will be more than happy to provide local transportation, touring around the country or other tourist related services during the 2013 RG-65 European Masters


For further information please use the following contacts:


Mr. Sakis Adamopoulos

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Direct tel: +30 212 2223825


Hotel Saron


We have already an offer from the above Hotel. The price for a standard-double room including breakfast would be at around 65euros per day. Probably we will have a better price from the hotel, if we have a reasonably large number of registered competitors. This Hotel is the nearest one to the Nautical Club (only 4km). The owner has informed us that he will use the hotel’s mini-van for daily transportation to the race area. The next available Hotels are very far from the area (25km) and are more expensive.


You can find above some information about the airport, Nautical Club and Hotel distances with link to google maps.


Airport to Lavrion

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη,+Attiki+Odos,+Spata-Artemida,+East+Attica&daddr=Lavrion&hl=el&sll=37.830173,23.978322&sspn=0.299909,0.676346&geocode=FcTcQgIdimhtASGqs-4K3xWyOClhXOfZGpChFDGqs-4K3xWyOA%3BFdORPwIdQOtuASm_z1TQgPOhFDFyGAlRX9VFTA&t=h&mra=ls&z=11


Hotel to Nautical Club

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη,24.096966&spn=0.075116,0.169086&sll=37.676569,24.049501&sspn=0.004696,0.010568&geocode=FWPhPgIdKe5uAQ%3BFXJrPwIdHQ5vAQ&oq=Saron+Hotel+Sounion&t=h&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=17&z=13


You can find some information about the beautiful city of Lavrion in the following links:


Inside the building of the Nautical Club you can find free Wi-Fi internet connection, cafeteria, WC with showers etc.



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