European Masters 2013 - Competitors

The organizing committee of the RG65 European Masters 2013 has decided to extend the date for entries until Sunday 17th of November 2013. With this movement the organizing committee gives more time to more skippers to apply for the championship!!! Our target is to attract more RG65 skippers from all over the globe to register for the Europeans and have an interesting and enjoyable regatta. 

  Country Name Sail No  Hull/Design  Freq. Notes
 Jorge Camilo POR-1 Argon 2,4Ghz Validated
Ruben Luis POR-8 Seven 2,4Ghz Retired...
Arne Semken GER-9 Hashtag or Ritalin 2,4Ghz DNC
4 Bernard Merlaud FRA-54 Petit Nuage 2,4Ghz Validated
5 Patricio Montero GBR-83 Argon 2,4Ghz Validated
6 Laurent Gerbault FRA-71 Argon 2,4Ghz Validated
7 Agustin Moreno ARG-77 Argon 2,4Ghz Validated
8 Alex Cory GBR-34 Storm 2,4Ghz Validated
9 Maurizio Morbidelli ITA-52 Goth 2,4Ghz DNC
10 SUI-flag Heinrich Stutz SUI-123 Hybrid SHK 2,4Ghz Validated
11 SUI-flag Marius Pinsini SUI-67 Hybrid SHK 2,4Ghz Validated
12 Michael Marinakis GRE-89 Goth 2,4Ghz Validated
13 Vangelis Simonidis GRE-14 Ritalin 2,4Ghz Validated
14 Angelos Vasilas GRE-114 Coriolis 2,4Ghz Validated
15 Abraham Onassiadis GRE-07 Round Ranger 2,4Ghz Validated
16 Vangelis Kafetzidakis GRE-29 Jif2-PUMA 2,4Ghz Validated
17 Dionisios Kardaris GRE-26 Modified OPEN 2,4Ghz Validated

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